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The Benefits of Working With a Freelance Web Designer

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Website Strategist

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The benefits of hiring a freelance web designer perth

The benefits of hiring a freelance web designer perth

There are many benefits to working with a freelance web designer to build or maintain your website.

A Perth Freelance Web Designer usually works on their own and is a lot more flexible than a traditional web design company or agency. A Perth Freelance Web Designer will spend time on your projects needs and you will get a more personalised solution for your online business website.  A Perth Freelance Web Developers overheads are usually a lot lower than a bricks and mortar web design business which means more savings for you.

Reason #1 – Cost

Most freelance web designers have less overhead costs because they work out of their home. Often a freelancer is able to pass those savings onto their clients and still earn a good income. When you hire a freelancer, you’re not paying for the company office, pool table, gym membership, or annual leave.

Reason #2 – Communication

When you work with a freelancer web designer, you’re dealing with one specific person, not several different people within a company. This translates into more direct communication with your website developer and less hassle for you as the client. The key here is to make sure that your freelance website designer is good at communication. This means responding to your phone calls and emails during the initial contact phase. Clients that have worked with the freelance web designer before will be the best point of contacts before choosing your web designer.

Reason #3 – Speed

A freelance web developer makes decisions quickly and moves projects along faster than a large design firm or design agency. Design/Developing revisions happen more quickly when there is only one individual doing the work. A Freelancer will set their own hours so there is the possibility of them working long hours to get your project finished on time. Just remember though that we’re human too.

Reason #4 – Quality

The quality of the web design and web development that you receive from freelancers and creative agencies will vary to a considerable extent. Always make sure to check any agency or freelancers portfolio to see if you like the work they’ve done. In the web design world, the size of the business has no correlation to the quality of the work delivered. Some large website design firms have horrible portfolios. The rule of thumb is, if you like what you see then there is a good chance you will like the work that the freelance web designer is able to produce.

Reason #5 – Multi Talented

A freelance web designer will wear many hats. This means they work with multiple content management systems and digital solutions for their clients. This can include open source solutions such as WordPress, OpenCart, Prestashop and Joomla. It could be Digital Marketing with Google Ads and Facebook Ads or Mailchimp/Active Campaign Email Marketing for a business. Be sure to ask your freelancer what their skill levels are for what you need them to create/develop. Remember anything outside their skill set can be outsourced to external developers.

Reason #6 – We’re Local

I have lost count at the amount of new clients that approach me with horror stories from overseas developers who promise the best website but deliver an unusable over customised website. In this scenario it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack unless they have left notes about the project. By having a local web developer, you have more ways to communicate with us. We can also come out to your place of work and conduct one on one training sessions. This is a extremely big advantage that usually gets overlooked by business owners.

The Top 7 Benefits of a choosing a Perth Freelance Web Designer?

A Perth Freelance Web Designer will offer you a quality services at competitive rates. Additionally, you will enjoy the following the project and making the correct choices.

  1. Competitive Rates
  2. No Time Wasting
  3. Use the latest Technology
  4. Responsive to the Clients Needs
  5. Offers an Excellent Service
  6. Value for Money
  7. Personalised Service

Reasons why you might need a Perth Design Agency

Sometimes a freelance web designer might not be the best solution for your website. Here are some reasons why you wouldn’t choose a freelancer:

  1. Your project is huge and on a tight deadline
  2. You need additional services that are outside the scope of your freelancers expertise
  3. You like working with multiple designers and developers
  4. You want to know that support will be available 5-10 years down the road


There are many benefits to working with a freelance web designer. Where traditional design companies offer teams of specialists, a freelance designer is able to work on all aspects of your site themselves. The reduced overhead and flexible schedule of the freelancer can result in projects that cost less and get done faster without sacrificing the quality you’d expect from an experienced design firm.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about why working with a freelance web designer may be the best solution for your online website project.


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