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Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Website Strategist

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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan Web Hosting

is an important part of any online business.

Making sure you choose a plan that serves fast, secure websites for your visitors is critical to being successful online.

The aim of this article is to explain Shared Hosting Plans vs Managed WordPress Hosting Plans highlighting the pros and cons of each plan. This will help you decide what’s the best hosting for your website.What’s a Shared Web Hosting Plan? Shared Hosting is when your Web Host has multiple websites and customers all sharing the same Web Server. To keep the costs down the web host will limit your server resources so that it can effectively host more websites on that server.

Web Servers have their own resources which consist of a CPU, Memory (RAM) and Software. The general rule of thumb is, the more you spend on your Web Hosting Plan the more Server Resources the Web Host will allocated to your online business.

Shared Hosting is just a type of hosting plan where your website “shares” resources with another website. If they’re not using the servers resource’s then you get allocated more resources for administrating your website. So is Sharing Hosting a bad thing? Well not really, shared hosting serves a purpose.

For two examples of Shared Hosting Plans that we recommend to our clients please click on one of the links below:

  1. Siteground Shared Web Hosting – plans starting from $4.95 USD/month
  2. NetOrigin Shared Web Hosting – plans starting from $7.99 AUD/month

The “Potential” Problems or Risks with Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is cheap and allows you to get online very easily without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are a few “potential” problems that you may experience when you’re on a shared web server. It’s important to quote “potential” as some businesses have been using Shared Web Hosting for years without any issues.

We have broken it down into dot points to further help you decide what’s right for your business.


  • Thousands of Users on the same Web Server can slow things down quite a bit
  • Limited CPU, Memory and Hard Drive space leads to bad performance
  • Outdated Software or Hardware on the server can also lead to slow downs and bad performance
  • Search Engine Optimisation can suffer as your bounce rate will be higher than normal

The Hidden “Benefits” of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Plans are great for business just getting started. If you’re being conservative and testing the waters then this is a fantastic entry point to see if you’re ready to make the online journey.


  • Great for small businesses on a super tight budget
  • Great for hobby and blogging sites
  • Affordable and Good Value for Money
  • Performance can be on par with Managed WordPress Hosting

What’s Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting are custom built to serve WordPress Content Management Systems. The Web Host installs a list of services that boost the performance, make your website load faster and tighten security.

Think of it as a set of added services and performance tweaks that sit of top of a regular hosting plan.

This results in your web servers resources being boosted to make your admin area run faster. This usually comes at an additional cost. For large WordPress websites a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan is essential. For smaller websites I believe running a Shared Hosting Plan is better when you’re first starting out. At the end of the day it’s what you’re happy paying for. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.Like Sharing Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting serves a purpose. To fully optimise your WordPress website and serve up files as quickly as possible.

For two examples of Managed Hosting Plans that we recommend to our clients please click on one of the links below:

  1. Siteground Managed WordPress Web Hosting – plans starting from $4.95 USD/month
  2. NetOrigin Managed WordPress Web Hosting – plans starting from $14.99 AUD/month

The “Potential” Problems or Risks with Managed WordPress Hosting

The disadvantages of a Managed WordPress Web Hosting vary from Web Host.


  • Usually impose stricter website hard drive space limits to maintain speed and reliability
  • Only good for websites running WordPress
  • Some Managed WordPress Web Hosting Packages restrict plugins that you can use
  • They cost more money than Shared Web Hosting Packages

The “Benefits” of a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

Managed WordPress Web Hosting is a little bit more expensive than Shared Web Hosting Packages, however if you need the fastest and best WordPress website then unfortunately you do have to pay for it.

The advantages of using a Managed WordPress Web Hosting Package are:


  • Server is designed specifically for WordPress
  • Web Host Customer Support are WordPress Experts who can assist you with any support tickets
  • Built in Server Caching which gives your website better performance
  • Faster websites means you can potentially rank higher on Google
  • Automatic WordPress Security Updates, Tweaks, Firewalls, Login Hardening and Malware Scans are available
  • Easier to Administer  your website meaning faster workflow
  • Reduce the sites page load speed by 1-2 seconds


You should now have a good overall understanding of the differences between and Shared Hosting Plan and a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan.

If you’re a medium to large business running WordPress or are looking to move online and want the fastest powered website, if you have the extra budget allowance then we highly recommend a Managed WordPress Website Hosting Plan from Siteground.

If you’re based in Perth then NetOrigin offer good performing hosting plans as well.

The only justifiable reason for staying on a shared hosting is financial. As soon as your business starts to grow you should invest in a more powerful web hosting platform.

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