A great looking website isn't enough.
You need a Web Strategy for Online Success.

How much should you budget for a website?

There are many variables you must consider before developing your business website. You need to ask yourself, what type of website do I need? What am I willing to invest and what am I willing to sacrifice in order to get my products or services advertised online. Anyone can have a website but if you don’t develop or market your website properly then you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

Let’s look at my $2000 WordPress CMS Website Package. This package would be a suitable package solution for Bob the Builder who is a carpenter looking to advertise himself online. If Bob wanted to allow clients to book call outs to their home or workplace then we would look at a booking system addon/plugin for Bob’s website. This means Bob’s total package would be worth around $2000.

Ron on the other hand needs to sell his Plan Clamps online using an E-Commerce Platform called OpenCart. Ron wants to integrate a automated payment and shipping cloud solution called OneSaas so that orders are automatically sent out when a customer buys and pays in full online. Ron doesn’t want to have to keep checking his bank account before sending goods to the customer as this slows down his delivery time. So here we have a unique online E-Commerce Package that would fall under a custom OpenCart E-Commerce Package starting from $6000.

I would always suggest budgeting between $2000-$4000 for a custom designed theme that is mobile responsive are built using to latest coding standards. You need to ask yourself how much is a lead worth to my business? The answer to that question will help you decide on how much you need to invest in your website.

What you need to know before getting your business online

Your website is the most important online asset you will own. Investing smartly in your website will provide you with the best (ROI) Return On Investment. By planning your online strategy we can develop a results-driven design solution for your business which over time will pay itself off ten fold.  

By implementing a good SEO strategy based on the most relevant keywords, over time your business will generate more enquiries, conversions and sales.

Knowing your budget is essential before starting any project. This is especially true for new business just getting started. You need to set realistic goals and expectations. Research your target market and know your competition. Nobody know their industry better than you do. Knowledge is power and will keep you ahead of your competition.  

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