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Generate more bookings on your Joomla website

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Website Strategist

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Generate more bookings on your Joomla website

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Trans Genesis Yoga School of Meditation regarding their current Joomla website.

Customers were reporting that they were having difficulties placing bookings on the current website.

This case study highlights the current problems with the existing website and what can be done to make the experience more user friendly. A customer visits your website to place a booking for a Yoga session. They click on “Book Online” only to realise there a no current booking available on the day they wish to book. They try search for another day and experience the same issue. The fact is there is a booking available, the website is not providing the best user experience to help our customer make a booking.

Some users will:

  1. Persist until they can work it out
  2. Try contact the business to book over the telephone
  3. Give up and go elsewhere

Every time we make a simple process difficult we have the potential to lose business and potential customers. We would like to make the overall booking user experience as good as we possibly can.


A user friendly booking experience using a Joomla Event Bookings Extension by Os Solution


I hope you enjoyed this case study on how to improve a booking system on a Joomla website using a extension. If you would like us to look at your Joomla website please contact me via the contact page.

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