Before Getting Started

How much does a website cost to make?

There are many variables you must consider before developing your business website. You need to ask yourself, what type of website do I need? What am I willing to invest and what am I willing to sacrifice in order to get my products or services advertised online. Anyone can have a website but if you don’t develop or market your website properly then you’re setting yourself up for failure. To learn more about my website pricing please click here

Do I own my website and are
there any ongoing monthly fees?

When your website has been developed and fully paid it’s 100% yours to manage. I will not charge you ongoing monthly fees to own your website however I do recommend a monthly maintenance and support package to assist with core plugin and security updates to your website. This limits the ability for hackers to gain access to your website. 

Can you spend some time teaching me
how to use my new website?

Absolutely! With all my clients I provide detailed video tutorials on how to manage your website. This will cover the majority of the basics of how to manage a website. For more complicated tasks I recommend pre-purchasing some support hours so I can take the stress out of those complicated tasks. 

How do your packages work
and do I pay to pay in full to start?

I have been designing and developing websites for over 13 years now. A lot has changed in that time and we have a lot more tools available to us now. Every project is different but I will access your project and provide you with a rough estimate of how many hours I think it will take me. I will recommend a package to get  you started. This means you get a website for the agreed package price.
A 50% deposit is required on commencement and then I will charge you milestone payments during development. Usually every 2 weeks. Final payment will be due on completion. Any additional requests during your development will be added as an extra to your invoice. I will keep you updated throughout the whole process so you’re aware of where the project is. 

Are payment plans available?

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a big project that will could take me weeks or months to develop, I will offer payment plans in milestone installments. You will still need to pay your initial deposit as this shows me that you’re serious & committed to your project. This takes out the financial stress of running a small business and allows me to focus on what’s truely important, your website. 

Your Domain Name & Hosting

Who is the best web hosting and domain name provider?

We’re really spoilt for choice these days when it comes to choosing a web hosting or domain name provide. Some of my recommended web hosting and domain name providers include NetVirtue, NetOrigin and Sitegound. Your budget and type of website is going to determine which hosting provider you choose.

Do you offer domain name and web hosting?

I do not offer an on business premise domain name and hosting service however I will recommend the best domain name and hosting providers who will save your money and provide the best performance for your website.

Mobile Devices

Will my website be mobile responsive
and look amazing on mobile or tablet?

All my custom themes and templates use mobile responsive code. This means that your website will look great on mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

What is Google Analytics are
how will it help my website?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It’s the most widely used website statistics service. By placing a small snippet of Googles code in your website pages, all data is collected by Google and can then be viewed by using your FREE Google Analytics account. By knowing how people are finding you we can market your website to that specific audience.

Why am I not getting any conversions?

There are many reasons why you might not be getting conversions on your website. Maybe your website was cheaply developed by another developer 

Are We A Good Fit?