Urban Habitat Real Estate are a Perth, Kwinana based family owned Real Estate company. Their personnel are recruited from the highest caliber property consultants in Perth’s Southern suburbs. Their desire is to be the agency of choice within the Kwinana, Cockburn and Rockingham Districts.

In November 2015, Urban Habitat Real Estate contacted me about creating a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) website for their new emerging real estate business in Kwinana. Sally needed a website that would seamlessly integrate with MyDesktop. This would allow Urban Habitat to easy managed their properties via one Customer Relationship Management (CRM). After a few days of research and a couple of consultations we found some solutions available to WordPress that would allow us to send data from MyDesktop to Feedsync then Import automatically into WordPress. The UHR website is made for mobile devices using the latest responsive web design techniques.

Design and Develop a WordPress Website that looked and functioned exactly like a Real Estate Website. Seamlessly import properties into WordPress on a daily basis via MyDesktop.

Content Management System

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The challenge would be choosing a WordPress theme that would allow automatic imports of REAXML Data Feeds from MyDesktop into WordPress. Urban Habitat didn’t want to have to update their whole property portfolio on multiple websites.  

Not all themes are set up for REAXML Feed Imports. I had to provide a theme that would be compatible with WP Import Pro. The client ended up settling for the Real Homes Theme . Not all the fields allowed the data that existing in MyDesktop. For example, houses listed as “Starting from $300,000” would appear as numbers only “300,000.”

The solution was to build a whole WordPress Website from scratch using the Real Homes Theme. We purchased a plugin called WP Import Pro and purchased another program called Feedsync. We sent up a automatic script for MyDesktop to send it’s REAXML data to Feedsync, Feedsync would convert the data into an XML file and then WP Import Pro would import it into WordPress twice daily. Custom fields and Customer code was added to fix the problems explained above. 

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