Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Friday’s Child Baby Gifts specialise in baby shower gifts, personalised baby gifts and baby hampers packaged in luxury keepsake suitcases.

To take Friday’s Child existing Joomla site running Mijoshop and upgrade it to OpenCart 3.0

The current Joomla site had existing customer/product/order data that needed to be carefully migrated across to a their new website running OpenCart 3.0

Another challenge would be implementing a monogramming feature into OpenCart to allow customers to personalise their baby gifts.

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Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that’s designed for publishing web content. It’s primary purpose is not E-Commerce although with MijoShop installed it becomes a powerful shopping cart component but with restrictions. The problem with Mijoshop is that it’s based on the OpenCart 1.5 framework. This means that to extend it’s functionality you need OpenCart 1.5 compatible extensions. OpenCart 3 has recently been released and developers have long stopped supporting OpenCart 1.5

After providing a few different E-Commerce options Friday’s Child decided to that OpenCart 3.0 would be the best E-Commerce Platform to migrate too. My job was to develop an E-Commerce website that would provide a modernised backend and frontend solution. 

OpenCart 3.0 E-Commerce
Content Management System

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